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Logo Design for The Basta Kitchen

February 2023 Freelance Design Work

I designed a logo for local bakery, Basta Bakery, to represent their new kitchen location, The Basta Kitchen. This kitchen will host cooking classes, experiences, and handle the company's shipping and wholesale. Basta wanted a new logo to represent this kitchen that is reminiscent of their existing brand and logo, but that establishes the Basta Kitchen as separate from their bakery storefront.


New Logo Design:

Existing Logo:

basta bakery existing logo.jpg

Phase 1: Mood Board Creation
I created a mood board establishing the look and feel of the brand to base my design around:

Basta Mood Board.png

Phase 2: Brainstorming
Brainstorming intial ideas for the new logo.

Basta Logo Brainstorming.png

Phase 3: First Round of Logo Concepts
Offered several rough draft designs and consulted with client to decide what direction to take the logo.

Logo Options Round 1_01.png

Phase 3: Revision 2 of Logo Design Options
Revised the logo designs above based on client feedback and offered new variations of the designs.

Logo Options Round 2_01.png

Phase 4: Refining the Design
From the above options, a concept was selected and refined into the final design below:

Social Media Logo (High resolution 1080px).png
black text, no background.png
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