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Augmented Reality Glasses Design

Spring 2020 Capstone Design Studio

This was a short solo project where I designed a pair of augmented reality glasses, called MyVue, to aid slow fashion bloggers. Slow fashion is all about being more conscious of what we buy and making more ethical, sustainable clothing choices. These bloggers need their wardrobe to be very versatile since they choose to buy fewer things. I wanted to explore how a pair of glasses could be made stylish and functional for this user group.


A 3 part design was created that includes the glasses' frames, projectors, and lenses.


The open-brow frame design and magnets allow for different styles of lenses to be easily interchanged. This allows for you to try out different styles without needing multiple pairs of glasses, thus reducing waste.


MyVue transforms the in-store shopping experience by projecting information onto its lenses about a product when the product’s barcode is scanned. Additionally, it provides bloggers quick links for their social media so that they can live stream, post, tag, and communicate with their audience.

View from AR glasses.jpg

Multiple prototypes were created while designing the glasses using 3D printing, cardboard, acrylic sheets, and fabric dye. These prototypes tested for shape, fit, style, and color.


The final design was modeled in Fusion 360.

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